Year 11 Work Experience

During the autumn half-term, members of Year 11 took part in work experience placements. They chose a variety of different experiences and this is what they had to say about their weeks:

Martha –‘In the half term I did work experience at Sing and Inspire, it is a motivational and inspirational company that sets up choirs in companies such as Admiral Insurance and T-Mobile. They aim to motivate the employees which increases staff engagement, which in turn improves customer satisfaction. During my time there I got to see every angle of the business and what it is like to set up and run your own company. I attended choirs, formatted lyrics, worked on the admin side of things and did research into their latest team building seminars. I really enjoyed my work experience, it was fun but also a challenge and was great in aiding me to decide what to do in the future.’

Stefan –‘During my half term I did work experience at The Performance House, the youth theatre I normally attend at weekends. During my work experience I experienced the administration side of the business including advertising and casting agency work and also the performance side, working during the production of the ‘Little Shop of Horrors.’I has already started work on the show prior to my work experience and it was an ideal opportunity to have a greater ‘hands on’approach with the production. I thoroughly enjoyed my time as it gave me a greater understanding that I had never before experienced.’

Edward –‘I had lots of fun on my work experience with Cooke and Arkwright and got a very good insight into the property world. I visited many different properties and went to a meeting with Mr. Roger Thomas. I learnt how a property should look in a flyer and how the floor plan of a property is made.’

William –‘In my work experience I went up to a forest to put up a fence for the government. Myself and another person took 6 large pieces of wood up a steep hill. We had to carry over 200 of them and they had lead inside them to make them heavier. When we had done that we dug holes, then put the stakes in the holes and rolled out 5 rolls of fencing. We then stapled the fencing to the stakes and then rolled out barbed wire on the top of the fencing. All of this took a week to do. I loved it because it was challenging.’

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